Technology guides the story of Planet Play and the kids experience both onscreen and off screen will be fully technologically focused. Multi-platform and Cross platform plans are being developed at present and there is no shortage of ideas: TV series with Augmented Reality, mobile videogames, a range of Tech-Toys; and of course an endless amount of cool content for social networks, enabling kids to interact enormously with the brand on all levels.


The existence of the Bots as leading characters in Planet Play means that Transmedia is to be present in all stages of the process and makes Planet Play a unique IP . Kids today want constant engagement with their brands/TV series and we facilitate this demand, adapting our content to the array of different media, platforms, and events. It is clear that our audience keeps moving around and Planet Play will have a huge array of content for everywhere they are consuming.

The Augmented Reality that we are incorporating into the TV series will allow kids to have a fresh second screen experience via their tablets and smartphones while still consuming Planet Play on the first screen, and will also be present in a wide range of content that will enable them to interact with the brand, see additional content and information specific to the series and particular episodes, share with friends, accumulate points, and exchange them for credits and tokens in the mobile and video games- all of which form a key part of the transmedia strategy.