THE PLANET Orbitrom23 is the largest planet belonging to the Aldrius asteroid belt in the Gouss Galaxy.

It was discovered by humans in the year 2086 and due to its ideal atmospheric conditions and its copious sources of water, they began to colonize the planet immediately. Nowadays, colonies can be found across the majority of its surface.

Orbitrom23 owes its name to the unmanned space probe which first detected it. The Orbitrom23 probe was the first to capture it in photographs and to take water and plant samples from this newly discovered planet.

Its geography is considered to be very similar to that of the Earth, with large land continents and vast spaces of water. Nevertheless, the wildlife of the planet Orbitrom23 is far from that on Earth. Despite the fact humans have introduced various crops and trees from their home planet, the native plant life is much more exotic; there are trees as tall as the mountains (the "kleiff" or "wandering trees" that move in search of the light), carnivorous plants the size of an adult elephant and mushrooms that shoot fire (the volcanic mushrooms native to the southern regions).

Furthermore, the fauna is remarkably different from anything ever known. So far, more than 5,000 new species of animals have been found on Orbitrom23, never before seen on earth.

With respect to the geology of the plant, the presence of new minerals and extraordinary sources of energy has given way to unprecedented technological process in the history of Humanity.

Human life is developing in the cities and colonies spread across the planet. The habitants of Orbitrom23 make use of an extremely high level of technology such as: transport in hover-crafts, inter-planetary travel to other galaxies, and of course, the bots. The bots are considered to be the most revolutionary invention in contemporary history, securing Bot Corporation´s position as the most powerful and important company on the planet.

Despite the high occupancy of humans, there are still many unexplored regions and unfamiliar areas on Orbitrom23. At the moment, it is normal for a new species of animal or plant to be discovered every now and then, or for fearless travellers embark on expeditions to the remotest corners of the planet.

Without a doubt, we still have a lot to learn about Orbitrom23 and many an adventure to experience on this new planet.