Play Lola Jiao Rush Twins Maximus Professor Origin


8-year-old twins Stacey and Herman are Professor Final’s children, and have inherited every ounce of his evil with a little more thrown in for good measure.

Ordinarily they’d be happy just spending their time annoying Play and his friends anyway, but now they’ve got a special reason to, so they’re going to do their absolute best to thwart their plans.

Stacey is small and clever – she’s the brains of the operation.

Herman is big and stupid – he provides the muscle.

Being Final’s children, they always have access to the newest botcards, which makes them spoilt in the extreme.

Stacey can twist Final around her little finger, but Final despairs of Herman for his dimwittedness which so often causes their plans to fail – Herman will often forget the lie he’s meant to be telling, or tell reporters live on air what his dad’s secret plan is. Stacey and Herman can't even get along with each other and are always arguing between themselves.