Bots are like a cross between a smartphone, a domestic appliance and a pet. Invented by Professor Origin, they are meant to make everyone’s lives easier by being everything from a personal assistant to a housekeeper to a playmate. Small and semi-autonomous, they fly near to their owners at all times. Bots don’t actually speak, instead communicating and conveying emotions through their movements, limbs and ‘eye’, and a range of beeps. Like dogs and their owners, bots seem take on some of their owner’s characteristics. Bots are currently subject to something similar to Asimov’s laws stating that robots may not directly harm humans, but the Twins’ bots with their latest upgrades, and certainly the powerful botcards that Professor Origin has hidden may bend if not entirely break that rule.
Botcards are small function cards that are inserted into a bot to give extra functionality. These range from particular domestic chores to games, education and projecting certain abilities to their owners.